A Path of Transformation and Triumph in Eastern India

Ministry Impact June 7 Story 1 Mi Pastor Tulsi Ram’s Journey

Tulsi, with his wife (middle) and daughter (right), exemplifies a life transformed by faith from a Hindu priest to a devoted follower of Jesus.

Tulsi once lived a life deeply immersed in the rituals of his ancestral Hindu traditions. Revered as a village priest, he built a snake temple and was known for his supposed healing powers. Despite his prominent status and devotion to the spiritual guidance of the indigenous Adivasi community in eastern India, he found no peace in his practices.

He was craving a peace that’s only found in a relationship with Jesus—he just didn’t know it.

My life was evil and in turmoil,” Tulsi confesses, his voice reflecting a mix of remorse and revelation. His struggle with alcohol led to frequent quarrels and violent encounters with his wife, distressing the entire community.

I was the priest in my village, and yet I assaulted my wife for no mistake of hers. I was violent and aggressive. I was affected by the evil spirits and was prone to uncontrollable outbursts. I lost all command over my actions.”

Transformation – A New Beginning

Tulsi’s life took a turn when a group of women introduced him to the Gospel. Knowing his reputation as an alcoholic and an abuser, they prayed for his deliverance, which drew him to Jesus.

Driven by desperation, Tulsi visited a local church, a decision that profoundly altered his life. “Stepping into the church, I felt a peace I’d never known. The disturbances, the evil spirits that had tormented me, they fell away,” he recounts.

That deep craving for love and peace was finally satisfied when he experienced Christ.

He was particularly moved by the biblical creation story, which challenged his prior beliefs. “The biblical teaching that God created the world, including the snake, changed my understanding.”

His conversion led him to quit his drinking habits. “My wife was shocked to see the transformation in me. Before, I would steal money from her purse every day to drink. I beat her every day, but not anymore.”

Now, Tulsi has embraced the Gospel and is a practicing pastor. He and his wife conduct prayer meetings in remote villages, spreading the Good News of the faith that transformed him.

Facing Opposition

Embracing Christ was not without challenges. “My family and my village initially opposed my new faith. I faced persecution, but I remained steadfast in faith,” he explains. Despite these trials, Tulsi’s home became a gathering place for those curious about his faith, and what started as a small Bible study group grew into a vibrant church.

Church Planter Training

Under the guidance of local Pastor Raj, who led him to Bible League’s Church Planter Training, Tulsi introduced many to Jesus. He even preached to those who initially sought him out for his snake-healing powers. His ministry grew, and today, more than 100 people gather weekly at his church.

We need more Bibles and more resources to continue our mission,” urges Tulsi. “I ask for prayers for my family’s protection and strength to serve the Lord amidst adversities.”

In the midst of persecution, Tulsi continues sharing the Gospel, knowing that others are craving the same peace he found in Christ.

Looking ahead, Tulsi remains dedicated to his mission despite increasing challenges. He reports, “The villagers are against us, accusing Christians of spoiling the Hindu faith and converting people.” He notes that while the villagers have frequently threatened them during church services, there have been no physical assaults. Tulsi also highlights the difficulties faced by nearby churches, with many pastors imprisoned under the state’s anti-conversion law, which restricts sharing the Gospel.

Ministry Impact June 7 Story 3 Mi Pastor Tulsi Ram’s Journey

Tulsi stands proudly in front of his church, adorned with the Bible’s comforting words in the local dialect: “Come to me all of you who are tired from the heavy burden you have been forced to carry. I will give you rest.”

Tulsi’s journey from a life overshadowed by spiritual and personal turmoil to one of peace illustrates the life-changing power of the Gospel. Pray for Tulsi and his family as they serve the Lord in eastern India amidst opposition. Their faith remains firm as they continue to serve under challenging conditions, including threats and legal restrictions against sharing the Gospel.