Bangladesh StoryHannah lives with her family in rural Bangladesh. “Before I knew Christ, I was regarded as a bad woman. I often quarreled with my husband and mother-in-law. I realized I was wrong and needed Christ,” she says. “My life started to change after I began to live for Christ. Bible League’s Project Philip had a significant impact on my life. It changed my thinking and showed me that only Christ could save.”

Hannah sees the need for God’s Word in her community. “I want everyone in my district to believe in the true God and the Bible. Many people here worship snakes and trees. There is a dire need for God’s Word in rural regions. The villagers follow blind beliefs, myths, and old tales passed down for generations.”

She started a Project Philip Bible study group in her neighborhood. They meet together to study the Gospel of John, which has changed many lives. “I believe people here need the Good News to change their lives. It’s not easy to have prayer meetings and tell others about Jesus,” she says.

Hannah discovered that being a female messenger of the Gospel is not welcome in her culture. The local church leaders are against a woman preaching. “The religious fanatics have not attacked me. But I continue to face so many obstacles just for being a woman,” she laments. She circumvented the hurdles and shared the Word with women who do not have a voice in the community. It is not uncommon for women to face oppression in her country.

She believes that God has trained her to face challenges head-on. “One day, I saw God’s miraculous handiwork in my life. Some people came to evict me from my home by making a false document. They did not want me to do ministry in the region. But God saved me from those who plotted harm for me. I’m confident that Jesus is with me. John chapter 3, verse 18 from the Holy Bible helped me to walk on the path of new life in Christ. It greatly inspired me to believe in Christ and proclaim Him,” she adds.

“Bible League’s training is essential for me. I came to know the true Gospel, which encouraged me to live and work for Christ. Thank you for helping me fulfill my dream to serve God.”