India3“Thank you for bringing me the Bible-based literacy lessons,” says Anoosh from northeast India. The 14-year-old boy says he used to be “more or less illiterate.”

In Anoosh’s remote village, life’s circumstances are dire. Most people depend on small-scale agriculture, toiling to earn their food and basic needs. “My father is a hardworking man, but he finds it difficult to make ends meet,” Anoosh points out.

The level of education in his village is deplorable, too. Anoosh attends a government school, but he doesn’t learn much there. “Neither the students, parents, nor even the teachers can understand our schoolbooks,” he alludes. “Because of that, I was more or less illiterate.”

Thanks to your heart for the underprivileged in India, Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy program came to Anoosh’s remote village. “I was so happy to enroll in the course,” he recalls with joy. “The teachers were kind to me and helped me overcome my fears. They didn’t scold me like my teachers at school.”

Coming from a Hindu background, Anoosh knew little about the Christian faith. With the study materials you helped provide, he is quickly bridging that gap now. “The stories from the Bible are teaching me moral lessons,” he says. “I can now read the Bible with much ease and am memorizing passages from the Scripture.”

The literacy program is adding tremendous value to Anoosh’s life. “I have made many friends in my class,” he notes with gratitude. “I desire to learn and work hard and get a good name in my town. Thank you for providing this program and materials to me!”