Zimbabwe CropSibanda is excited to share the Word of God. The 18-year-old lives in Zimbabwe with his family. He was raised in a Christian home but didn’t take the faith seriously. He was short-tempered and lashed out at his family often. “I would always have outbursts of anger whenever any of my siblings would try to reach out to me just to have a simple conversation,” he says.

But as soon as he began living for Christ, all that changed. “After knowing Christ, I am now living a life of fellowship with others,” he says. “At church I now participate in activities and help around the church.”

Sibanda is using Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies to reach others in his area. “Project Philip is helping me change the lives of my peers, rerouting them toward Christ,” he says. “I am also using the program to make new contacts and spread the Gospel of Christ. This is equipping us to study more of the Word of God and grow spiritually. The Bible study program is transforming many people’s lives.”

Project Philip changed Sibanda’s own faith. “Through the program, I was equipped, empowered, and commissioned to evangelize my community with the true Word of God,” he says. “My vision is to spread the Word of God to different age groups that will result in planting a new church in our area.”

There is still a great need for Bibles and materials in Sibanda’s community. “Many people who go to church do not have Bibles, and those available in bookstores are very expensive,” he says. “Many people in my community can read and write, so they would put any Christian materials to good use.”

Sibanda is eternally grateful for Bible League supporters. “Thank you, donors, for the Bibles and materials. I have benefitted from your benevolent love,” he says. “The work you have done is very important to the effective spreading of the Gospel of Christ. You could not be here personally, but your gift of God’s Word has transformed my life. I am forever grateful. Thank you!”