Egypt CropSabah grew up in a Christian family with her six sisters in Egypt. “My parents taught us how to pray,” she explains. “After they died, we were left to run the household on our own. I worked hard in agriculture to help my sisters and gave up the idea of education.”

She prayed to find a husband like her sisters had, and God answered her prayer. “I married an older widower with three sons,” she shares, noting that she cared for his boys like they were her own. “Later, God gave us a daughter Mehrael; she’s 12 years old now.”

Today, Sabah attends a church in a small village in Upper Egypt. It’s there at that church where she learned about Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy ministry. “I was excited to learn and registered.” Her work of selling vegetables and homemade food in the local market, however, has kept her from regularly attending the classes.

Even though she can’t go to the lessons as often as she’d like, Sabah is grateful for the program. “I can feel the blessings of God on me in everything I do. God gives me the power and strength to understand the lessons, and I know that He will give me success. The Scripture verse in each lesson is a blessing. I am inspired by Psalm 23:1—‘The Lord is my shepherd. I will always have everything I need.’  That is what I have experienced in my life.

“Thank you for providing these materials to us. May God increasingly bless you to reach more people. Pray that God gives me the strength to take care of my children and nurture them in fear of the Lord.”