Sandra Found Assurance For Salvation.Sandra is a 17-year-old high school student from Kwabenya, Ghana. She lives with her parents and has been part of the church since childhood. In this region, 90 percent of people are Christians, but Sandra didn’t acknowledge that faith. “I did not believe in the full work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Faith in Christ was head knowledge. I was living my life like any worldly person with no relationship with Christ,” she states.

The evangelism booklets of Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies have benefitted Sandra tremendously. She learned several moral lessons that aided her faith, like the lesson titled “Raised from Death.” Scripture taught her that the Christian faith has no meaning without the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. She learned that Jesus’ work on the cross is the foundation and assurance of her salvation. She now fully believes that Christ has saved her and owes Him her complete allegiance.

Sandra’s spiritual journey brought a backlash from her former friends, who were not pleased with her decision to follow Christ. But she’s determined to study more to show herself approved for the work God has given her to do. She senses God calling her to be a preacher of His Word; her new knowledge and convictions will help her bring others to Christ.

“I would like to thank all those who have made this possible, especially the donors. I want you to pray for my success in my final examination next year,” she says. Sandra is currently serving as the chaplain for girls in her school. She’s grateful to God for the opportunity to serve Him in that capacity, something she never thought she could. Her future goal is to join the pastoral ministry after her university education to reach her friends and family. Sandra’s prayer is for the Holy Spirit’s conviction upon her friends and family.