Thomas, age 84, is a new believer in Jesus Christ. For most of his life, Thomas practiced ancestral worship. When he became very sick with cancer, a friend saw his despair and invited him to a Bible study. He was miraculously healed by God.

Thomas’ story is a beautiful example of God’s saving grace. It is never too late to follow Jesus Christ. God is waiting for you to know Him. Thomas recently shared his testimony…

What was your life like before Christ?

I grew up in a traditional family where we believed in ancestral worship. This was the only form of worship we knew. We practiced all the traditional ceremonies in the African Traditional way, appeasing ancestors and things like that. For most of my life, this is what I knew best even when I married and had children. God had other plans for my life.

Describe how God’s Word transformed your life.

The Project Philip booklet helped me to start a new journey of knowing Jesus Christ. I believe when I went to the first small group Bible study is when my healing started. My wife and I both started the journey to know Jesus Christ. We encouraged each other while we read the Gospel of John. When we left ancestral worship and started following Jesus Christ, our lives were completely changed—I was healed from the pain I was suffering from.

My eyesight is deteriorating. I was so blessed to receive an audio Bible. This touched my heart so deeply because even in my old age, the Lord loves me so much that He sent His servants to help me know him better. My family and I have since committed to a local church where we now belong

What Bible verse helped lead you to a new life in Jesus Christ?

“I assure you, anyone who hears what I say and believes in the one who sent me has eternal life. They will not be judged guilty. They have already left death and have entered into life” (John 5:24 ERV).

I have peace in my heart that even when I pass on, I have eternal life. It gives me joy to learn more about God’s promises upon my life and this is the encouragement I have in the journey of faith in Jesus Christ.

Do you sense God is calling you to serve in some way? How will you respond?

Yes, I do sense God is calling me. I will respond positively to God’s call on me because I, too, was saved because of someone who shared God’s Word with me. I plan to reach one of my siblings with the Word of God so that he may be saved. We grew up together worshipping false gods. I want my family members to be saved so that they, too, may experience God’s mercies. Pray with me for my brother’s soul that he may be saved as I reach out to him.

What difference has the gift of God’s Word made in your life?

The Word of God has impacted my life so positively, I was saved from bondage and the suffering I experienced. As I began to understand God’s Word more, I realized that not only did my physical body suffer—my soul was suffering, too. I am so glad I found salvation because my family is saved too. I was headed for doom but transformed by salvation. I live a life full of God’s grace now.

What would you like to share about Bible League’s programs?

Bible League has made knowing Jesus Christ easier for me and my family through their donors’ gift of the audio Bible. My eyesight is no longer a barrier to me because now I can listen to God’s Word at any time. They have made me hopeful again that there are good people in the world like them who sacrifice so the Word of God can reach a person like me. Thank you, because you have saved my life!