Woman growing her church in Thailand community

Arunwang, 56, was a Buddhist nun from Thailand. She always practiced the traditional Buddhist rituals like offering food and meditating in silence.

She and her husband followed these rituals and taught them to their daughters in hopes of influencing their “karma.”

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In Buddhist tradition, “karma” refers to an intentional deed with the body, speech, or mind that has consequences in the future.

Despite being faithful to Buddhist rituals, Arunwang’s heart still felt empty. “I couldn’t find peace. In the temple, I felt a heaviness that burdened my soul. There was an inner tension inside me, but I saw no other way,” she says. Then a tragedy confirmed what she had been feeling.

Her husband fell from a ladder and died. Her mantras and meditations did nothing for her. Arunwang was so overcome with grief that she was unable even to pray.

Five months after his death, Arunwang visited a Christian cousin in a nearby province. She remembers the warmth and love of the people in her cousin’s church.

The pastor, Pastor Brani, preached from Ecclesiastes 6 and discussed how little control there is in life.

Following the service, Arunwang met with the pastor and surrendered her life to Jesus.

“I felt a peace that I had never experienced before,” she says. She received a Bible from Pastor Brani that day, and once she began reading it, she never stopped.

Arunwang 56 Was A Buddhist Nun From Thailand
Her cousin’s church is more than 60 miles from her home, so she began studying God’s Word and worshipping in her home with her neighbors.

Her home soon became the community church. “Some thought I was crazy because I kept inviting people to the church. I just had to tell them about Jesus,” she says. “I couldn’t keep the news to myself!”

Many got to know Jesus because of her faithful invitations. “I ask God that they will follow Jesus 100 percent and share their faith with their neighbors,” says Arunwang.

Now, she is in contact with the Bible League and is undergoing training to lead Bible study groups. A Korean missionary group helped her construct a church building in her hometown.

A few months ago, she hosted her first service there with more than 70 attendees.

“We pray for sick people and experience miracles! New believers join us almost every week,” she says. “Two new church planting projects have already been started!”

Arunwang says as she gives glory to Jesus. She is inspired by Jesus’ words in Matthew:Arunwang 56 Was A Buddhist Nun From Thailand Bible League

“But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33 NIV)