Nepal man smilingBefore he came to know Christ, Ram describes his life in Nepal as sad and ugly. “I was very short-tempered,” he says. “I indulged in gambling and drinking with my friends. But since knowing Christ, my life has changed.”

Ram dropped his bad habits and now spends his days working his farm and sharing the Gospel in his village. Many in this area cannot afford to go to the hospital when sick, so they come to the church for help. Ram shares the Gospel, what he calls “the real medicine,” as they pray for healing.

Most of the people in the village are Hindus, but they are friendly and welcoming to Christians. “They have a lot of faith in us, especially when someone falls ill,” he says. “They are hopeful that by taking the sick to the church, the person will be healed. They believe that Jesus Christ can heal.” As a result, many accept Jesus as their Savior.

Ram leads a Project Philip Bible study that now has about 30 participants. When he is visiting the sick and sharing the Good News, he often invites people to the study. “People ask for the Bible, so I give them the Project Philip books and invite them,” he says. “As they begin to read the Gospel of John, they understand the truth. I can see that Jesus alone draws them to the heavenly Father.”

Ram has also completed Church Planter Training and is always looking to expand the Church. “I consider the Great Commission of making disciples of Jesus Christ my motto and vision for my life,” he says. “When I completed my Church Planter Training, I was very determined to preach and make Jesus known everywhere I went, especially in my village.”

He sees the impact of these Bible League materials across the village. “The work of Bible League is very important here as many now have God’s Word in their hands,” he says. “Without Bible League, we do not have access to Bibles, and many cannot afford to buy one.”

Ram can’t help but share his gratitude. “I want to thank the Bible League team and its members globally,” he says. “Every member of the Bible League family has their talent and skills of teaching, hospitality, all which have blessed us in many ways. We are very thankful for the training, for providing us the resources, and the excellent opportunity for me to become a good pastor.”