Taderera receiving a bookTwo years ago, 15-year-old Taderera’s father died on the spot after an accident. It was a shock to her whole family. Now, her mother works very hard to support her three children in their village of Magumise in Zimbabwe.

Taderera also works very hard in school. She says, “My mother is always encouraged when I work hard—no matter the hardships we may face in life.” Recently, the teen’s cousin told her about a Project Philip Bible study for youth she was attending.

She notes, “She encouraged me to join the lessons as she was benefiting a lot.” Taderera decided to join. But due to the pandemic, the leader gave everyone the Project Philip Bible study booklets and encouraged the teens to study the Word at home with their families.

Taderera notes, “Due to Covid-19 restrictions, I had an opportunity to study the Bible with my family members. The Bible study program impacted me so much as we were all actively involved as a family.” Taderera knows that this Bible study has really helped her to understand the Word of God.

One story that really touched her heart was the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15. Taderera explains, “I learned that, regardless of our past mistakes in life, God our Father still loves us and will accept us back if we return to Him.”

Though she had grown up going to church on Sundays, Taderera didn’t focus much on her relationship with God outside of that time. She beams, “Now, I read the Word almost every day. Through the Project Philip Bible studies, I am going to teach the Word of God to other youth. Thank you for the materials and for reaching out to our youth!”