Ken posing for a photoVictor, 14, was brought up in a God-fearing family in Kenya’s Machakos County. He faithfully attends church with his family. “Every day we prayed together in the morning before starting our daily activities and again in the evening when we came back home. I am the second born and I have three sisters,” he says.

This eighth grader’s parents are hardworking people. He shares, “My father is a teacher and my mother’s a shopkeeper. Both my parents are Christians.” In Kenya, school-aged children may receive religious instruction in the classroom. It was his teacher who introduced him to a Project Philip Bible study for children. Through those Bible lessons, Victor began to see himself more clearly through God’s eyes.

He beams when he explains, “I had a strong desire to grow spiritually and joining the program helped me realize this. These lessons helped my walk with Christ become stronger. It was easy to understand, and the discussions were helpful and enjoyable.”

Victor softly shares that he often gave in to peer pressure. “I gave in easily to my peers’ demands and found myself sinning against God. But after going through the lessons, I now want to please God with my life and not my friends. I have decided to live and serve God with my life.”

Prior to Project Philip, Victor had to use his school’s copy of the Bible in the library to read. Now he’s received the first Bible he’s ever owned. He says, “I thank God and Bible League I have my copy that I can read any time of the day. Now I want to reach out to my friends and share what I have learned with them and tell them to turn away from their sins.”