Gha Pp 2021 09 13(1)“Jesus changed me and gave me a better life,” begins Rachel, a teenage girl in Ghana. “My mouth that I once used to tell lies is now the mouth I use to glorify and worship Him.”

Rachel lives with her parents at Bohye in the Greater-Accra Region. Bohye is a suburb of Accra, a Christian community, with many house churches.

“I have been attending church and active in the Sunday School ministry, but I was stealing and telling lies. I knew it was wrong, but I could not do anything to turn my life for the better. My parents normally got angry with me anytime they discovered that I lied to them. I often got punished, but that did not stop me either,” she admits.

Rachel then joined the Project Philip Bible study program. From that Bible study group, she learned more about the love of Jesus and how God changes people’s lives.

“I believe in Jesus; He will take away my evil deeds. When I was younger, I believed that Christ came to die for our sins. But I did not know how until I was in the Bible study. I now experienced the work of Jesus Christ, who has given me salvation, and new life,” Rachel explains.

“Though my parents still find it difficult to believe what I say, they are happy that I have stopped stealing. I have quit telling lies. I know that my relatives will soon hold my words credible. I will therefore share this Good News with my classmates. I sense God is calling me to be a singer for Him,” she continues.

Rachel concludes with the grateful remarks. “Thank you for giving me this beautiful Bible. I can now read God’s Word any time I want to. Before, I had to wait for my sister to allow me to use her Bible. It will not be that way anymore because I have my own Bible. I request you to provide more Bibles and Project Philip Bible study materials for my classmates to learn as well.”