Buru CropDorine grew up in a Christian home near a military camp in Burundi. Like many youths, she attended church but did not have a meaningful relationship with the Lord. “In my second year of high school, I began dating a soldier who kept me from attending church on Sundays. I spent my Sunday hanging out with friends and having fun. But thanks to God, the soldier got deployed to another military camp before I got into trouble. My studies continued well, and I resumed going to church.”

Many people visited Dorine’s house and shared God’s Word with her family, but she did not understand it. “A Bible League volunteer visited our school and introduced the Project Philip program. I was not aware that God could transform us to become His children. We learned that God gave us His only son who died for our sins. I liked the way the material presented the Gospel in a simple yet profound way. I received the Lord Jesus Christ before the program ended.”

Project Philip taught me the discipline of reading and meditating on God’s Word. The program had a positive impact on my life. I thank God, Bible League International supporters, and volunteers worldwide. I pray that my brothers, sisters, and parents may understand these teachings very well,” she relays.

Dorine received a Bible at the end of the study. “I received a French Bible that I read every day. I thank God for this wonderful gift. I will be committed to sharing what I learned with others. I thank God for helping me to follow this program. I would recommend this program to other people because it helped me. I hope that it can help others to get in a relationship with God. Thank you!”