God Replaced Bosco’s Rage

with Peace and Love

Bosco suffered a terrible tragedy as a child when his parents were murdered in a conflict within the country of Burundi, Africa.

God Replaced Bosco's Rage with Peace and Love Bible League Podcast

Throughout his teenage years, he lived with unforgiveness and rage, even wanting to take revenge on his family’s killers, but God transformed Bosco’s life and brought him peace after he heard the Gospel preached in a church he visited.

Today, Bosco leads Igniting Communities for Jesus (ICJ), a partner of Bible League International, that creates brighter tomorrows for the people of Burundi, often touted as the world’s poorest country, and disciples them as new believers.

ICJ has found favor among Burundi’s government schools and the Muslim community.

As a result, people are hungry for the Gospel and asking for more Bibles and study materials to share Christ with others.

Invite a friend to listen and join host Michael Woolworth and guests, Bosco and Jennifer (last names withheld for security purposes), for this inspiring edition of

The Word in Action Podcast from Bible League International. Length: 21:52..

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