Today’s Verse

But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him. — Acts 12:5 NLT


King Herod Agrippa was an evil man. He proved just how evil by persecuting the early church. He had the Apostle James killed with a sword. The Jewish leaders, not surprisingly, were happy with what he did. When Herod heard that it pleased them, He decided to do the same thing to the Apostle Peter. During the Passover, he arrested Peter and had him thrown into prison. His plan was to publicly try Peter after the Passover. Had this happened, no doubt Peter would have received the same kind of treatment as James.

The church, however, prayed for Peter. As our verse for today says, they "prayed very earnestly for him." Indeed, they prayed well into the night. They didn't give up on what must have seemed to them like a hopeless situation. They didn't just accept the inevitable. They doubled down on the earnestness of their prayers and they kept at it. As it turned out, their prayers were answered. The Lord sent an angel to deliver Peter from prison. Peter thought he was having a vision, but soon enough he realized that the angel had actually broken him out of the prison. (Acts 12:11).

Although the church prayed earnestly for Peter, they didn't expect him to show up at their door that night. Nevertheless, that's precisely what happened. When one of them ran to tell the others that Peter was at the door, they told her "You're out of your mind!" When they finally opened the door and saw that it was Peter, they were amazed. Although they had been praying for this very thing, when it actually happened they weren't ready for it and didn't believe that it had actually happened.

You've been praying too, just like the early church. You've been praying for some very difficult situations. Even though they seem hopeless, you haven't given up. You just can't bring yourself to accept what seems to be inevitable. Instead, you've doubled down on your prayers and done it with complete earnestness.

Don't be surprised, then, if your prayers are answered. Don't be surprised like the early church was surprised. For with God everything is possible. (Matthew 19:26).

He can do whatever you're praying for Him to do.