Today’s Verse

"I know what you do, how hard you work and never give up. I know that you don't accept evil people. You have tested those who say they are apostles but are not. You found that they are liars. You never stop trying. You have endured troubles for my name and have not given up." — Revelation 2:2-3 ERV


You're worried about your status in the Kingdom of God. You're worried that you're not good enough, accomplished enough, or effective enough. You're worried that you don't really belong here. After all, you have your shortcomings and limitations. You're not perfect. You sin and mess up in various ways all the time. Aren't you just being honest about yourself? Aren't you just acknowledging the truth as you see it? It's foolish to be blind to your weaknesses. It's a point of view analogous to sweeping the dust under the rug.

The Lord, however, has a different point of view. He knows you. He knows what you do. He knows you and He's satisfied. He's well aware of your sins and weaknesses, but He still likes what He sees. He especially likes how hard you work for the Kingdom. You've taken on the goals and projects He's led you into and you've made a real go of them. There were many temptations to give up and quit. There were many times when the goals seemed unreachable and the hardships seemed unbearable. Nevertheless, you've soldiered on.

Even more, you've never stopped trying. It's true, there have been ups and downs, but you've kept on going. Even when there were failures, you've just picked up the pieces and started anew. Some people would say you're irrepressible. When a new initiative needs to be taken on, they say that you're the one to contact, you're the one to get it done. You have a reputation and it's not just with the Lord. You have a reputation with people as being salt-of-the-earth. (Matthew 5:13) You're a light in a dark world and you don't even realize it. (Matthew 5:14)

So, stop with the doubts. Stop with self-deprecation. If there's something you need to change, the Lord will see to it that you get the message. For now, however, just keep up the good work. Even if you don't get it now, someday you're going to reap the rewards. (Revelation 22:12)

Someday, the Lord is going to say to you, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25:21-23)