Today's Verse

There is none like you among the gods, O Lord, nor are there any works like yours. — Psalm 86:8 ESV


There is the creation and there is the Creator, the God of the Bible. There isn't anything else. As a result, if the God of the Bible is rejected as the source of all things, if His existence is denied and suppressed (Romans 1:18-20), then something from within the creation must be selected to take His place. (Romans 1:21-23) The reason for this is that the creation itself seems to be demanding an explanation of where it came from. Thus, a selection cannot be avoided. If the Creator God of the Bible is rejected, then a selection must come from something within the creation.

In the Bible, these alternative selections are referred to as "gods." The list of created things that have been elevated to God's status in this way is a long one. The earth, the starry heavens, the sun, the moon, and a host of other things have all been given God's status to one degree or another. Even the secular perspectives come up with gods of their own choosing. The reason why there are so many of them is that none of them can live up to the requirements of the job. Sooner or later, their deficiencies become clear. Sooner or later, the search for an alternative must begin anew.

The search, however, is futile. There is nothing within the creation that can fill God's shoes. He alone is the Creator. He alone is the Lord God of all things. The creation as a whole and the individual created things within it are totally dependent upon Him for their existence. He, on the other hand, isn't dependent upon anything. That's why our verse for today says that "none is like you among the gods, O Lord." None is like Him because none of them created anything. Although they exist as created things, they do not exist as Creator.

Even more, none of them is like Him because none of them have done any of the works that He has done. Not only is He the God of creation, He is also the God of providence. He's the one that controls and directs all things. He's the one that saves. The gods, in contrast, control nothing and save no one.

As a result, the Lord God is the one you can depend upon for help. You can't depend upon the gods for anything.