Today’s Verse

His wisdom is profound, his power is vast. Who has resisted him and come out unscathed? — Job 9:4 NIV


There’s a decision that must be made in life. It’s the decision a person must make between two basic options. Everyone must make the decision. On the one hand, a person can decide to surrender to God. On the other hand, a person can decide to resist Him. These two options are the most basic options that a person could ever decide between. No other options are more basic. No other options have as serious a set of consequences. Life itself hangs in the balance. Life in the here and now and life in the future all depend upon the decision that is made.

When the options are framed in this way the decision that should be made seems obvious. A person should decide to surrender to God. Nevertheless, most people have made the wrong decision. Most people have decided to resist God. Instead of surrendering to Him, instead of surrendering to His will and ways, most people have decided against it. Even though His wisdom far exceeds our wisdom, even though His power far exceeds our power, most people have decided to challenge His wisdom and to contest His power.

It’s foolish, of course. When a person takes on someone as wise and powerful as God things cannot possibly turn out well. As our verse for today proclaims, anyone who tries to take Him on does not come out unscathed. The Bible tells us more than once that God opposes the proud (e.g., James 4:6; I Peter 5:5). When you resist Him, in other words, He resists you. He uses His wisdom to foil your wisdom and He uses His power to negate your power. Obviously, it takes a lot of ornery, foolish pride to take on God.

It’s wise, then, to surrender to God. It’s wise to surrender to His will and ways. In the same places where the Bible tells us that God opposes the proud it tells us that He shows favor to the humble. When you surrender to Him, in other words, He helps you. It pays to surrender to God. It pays to get your life in line with what He wants. God likes it when people decide to get on His good side.

Don’t, then, be foolish. Don’t be ornery and proud. You don’t have enough wisdom and power to take on Almighty God.