Today’s Verse

“… I live in a high and holy place, but I also live with people who are humble and sorry for their sins. I will give new life to those who are humble in spirit. I will give new life to those who are sorry for their sins.” — Isaiah 57:15 ERV


Although God is omnipresent, our verse for today tells us that He lives in a special way in two places. He lives in the “high and holy place” of heaven and He lives with “people who are humble and sorry for their sins” on earth. Why these two?

There was a time when God was close to the earth. It was the time before the fall of humankind into sin. At that time, God would walk around the Garden of Eden during the cool part of the day (Genesis 3:8,10). At that time, there was no sin on the earth that kept God from living with people. God is holy and He distances Himself from that which is unholy. Ever since sin entered the world, therefore, He has restricted Himself to the high and holy place of heaven because His very holiness demands it. His very holiness demands that He distance Himself from sinful humanity.

There is, however, an exception to the rule. God also lives with people who are humble and sorry for their sins. Sin is born of pride and arrogance. Indeed, the very first sin, the sin of eating from “the tree that gives knowledge about good and evil,” was born of the prideful and arrogant desire to be like God (Genesis 3:5). When people give up their pride and arrogant attitude with respect to God, when people are sorry for their prideful and arrogant ways, God forgives them and lives with them. The distance that once separated them is overcome.

There is an added benefit for those who are humble and sorry for their sins. Our verse tells us that God gives them new life. The penalty for sin is death – eternal death (Genesis 2:17). In effect, prideful sinners are dead people, even if they are still living. On the other hand, the reward for being humble and being sorry for sin is life – eternal life. In effect, humble people are living people – even if they die (John 11:25). God lives with humble and sorrowful people and He reverses the penalty for their sin.

The point of our verse for today, then, is that it pays to give up the pride and arrogance of sin. It pays to be humble and sorry for sin.