Today's Verse

"You have dwelt long enough at this mountain." — Deuteronomy 1:6 NKJV


It's time to move. You're ready for what comes next. You've dwelt long enough where you are now. That place has prepared you for the obstacles and battles that lie ahead. Did you think that you were destined to stay right where you are? Did you think that you had come far enough? If so, then you were sorely mistaken. The real purpose of your life has not even started yet. The most meaningful part of your life is just beginning. Everything up to this point was designed to set you up for everything that's left for you to do in life this side of glory.

It's time to move. It's time to move into the destiny the Lord has prepared for you. You have a calling of God on your life, an anointing of the Holy Spirit to fulfill that calling, and you have special gifts and fruit from the Spirit to help you along the way. The world is in a sorry and sick state and you have the responsibility to transform a designated part of it. Obstacles need to be removed, enemies need to be defeated, and it's not going to happen without you. Get moving, then, and start the process one step at a time.

It's time to move. Don't miss the time of opportunity. The Lord Himself is calling you forward. The ancient Israelites missed their opportunity and it cost them dearly. They spent forty more years in the wilderness. Don't let that happen to you! Don't shrink back from the challenges. Sure, things look difficult at the present time. Sure, what lies ahead will be not be easy. Nevertheless, the Lord will be with you to help you. Do not be afraid because the Lord Himself will fight for you. He will carry you along just as He has carried you along thus far on your journey (Deuteronomy 1:29-31).

It's time to move! Arise, then, and shine, for your light has come! The glory of the Lord has risen upon you and it shall shine a light into the darkness of the world that's before you and all around you. Your light will shine brightly and the darkness will be forced out. People will see your light and they will come to you. They will join you in your glorious quest (Isaiah 60:1-3).

It's time to move!

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