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Persecution against believers grows stronger daily throughout Asia. But facing hostility hasn’t scared them. Instead, many Christians stand ready to boldly share the hope of Christ. Across this vast region, few people believe in Jesus Christ. Those who do are often secluded—unable to afford or receive God’s Word. The vast majority of children, youth, and adults who will be engaged in God’s Word this year live in extreme poverty, remote areas, cities, and in places without a church nearby. But this year, as believers in under-resourced churches are equipped with God’s Word and training, their faith will grow. And they will be inspired to help engage people across Asia in God’s Word.

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Ministry in Asia
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The Word In Action Podcast – Episode 28, Kacy’s Story
Imagine being a child only 3 or 4
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30 August 2023
Shepherding the Flock
In a village where about 5,000 people follow
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Ministry Story
14 August 2023
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Few people in Asia believe in Jesus, but those who do are passionate about sharing the Gospel. By donating to ministry in Asia, you will support these strong believers with Bibles, biblical resources, and training opportunities to equip them to evangelize.

Your gift today will directly impact people in Asia. Your gift will change individuals, families, and communities.