Sri Lanka Pp 0122 82Though there is only a small number of Christians in Sri Lanka, the hope of Jesus is spreading through Bible League’s Project Philip Bible studies and Church Planter Training. For nearly 20 years, Christy has been Bible League Sri Lanka’s National Director, helping many throughout the country to know Jesus. Christy is a slight man with a big smile. You’ll often hear him laughing or making jokes. But it’s clear he takes ministry seriously. He says passionately, “I think we have more to do.”

After studying theology at a seminary in India, Christy worked for 10 years as a lecturer at a Bible school in Sri Lanka. He was ready to move out of lecturing full time when Bible League offered him the opportunity to lead the newly established ministry in Sri Lanka. After some prayer, he accepted. He has been in the position ever since. Christy says, “I am very happy to work with Bible League International. I realize God has chosen me to do the ministry in Sri Lanka.”

When he first joined Bible League, Christy’s supervisor gave him a big challenge: to train 2,000 people in one year. He says with a grin and a slight chuckle, “A year later, I had trained more than 2,000 people.” Over the last 18 years, the ministry in Sri Lanka has grown and thrived—despite a 26-year civil war. Today, the country faces other hardships, including a plummeting economy.

Since its launch in 2004, Bible League International’s Sri Lanka ministry has reached more than 112,000 people with God’s Word. Hundreds of churches have been established. And more than 27,000 people have been trained to share the Gospel and plant churches. Even in this Buddhist nation, God’s message of love is transforming lives each day. Christy says, “Our vision is to take the Word of God to each and every home and form small groups in every area in Sri Lanka.”

But today, catastrophic headlines warn that Sri Lanka’s financial and political turmoil will only worsen. For the small island nation surviving on mostly tourism and farming, the pandemic devastated an already stressed economy. Many businesses closed and people lost their jobs. Countless people left Sri Lanka in hopes of finding a job elsewhere.

Christy explains, “Those living here at the moment are really struggling. We can’t get gas for cooking or fuel for vehicles. The price for all consumer items has skyrocketed. This is the first time in history it has ever been like this. Even the government openly says we have no dollars to import sugar or milk powder. Now it’s difficult to get medicine.”

As the people of Sri Lanka face some of the hardest days of their lives, Christy continues to faithfully make an eternal difference throughout his country. Already this year, more than 8,000 people have studied God’s Word! He beams, “Thank you for your generous support, time, and prayers for ministry in Sri Lanka. Your commitment really helps us to fulfill the mission and vision God has given us. Thank you for the great service you are doing to extend the kingdom of God.”