Zimbabwe CropJeremiah lived a reckless existence before he came to Christ. Violence characterized his relationship with his wife and children. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, he abandoned his family for six years. While living in the city of Harare, Zimbabwe, his life spiraled out of control. He had another baby with a different woman. Found guilty of drug possession, he served a prison sentence for over two years. He recalls, “My life was a mess. Before coming to faith, I focused more on alcohol and drugs than my own family.” Addiction also wreaked havoc in his workplace. Quarrelsome and hostile, he was fired from jobs multiple times and struggled with unemployment.

After visiting his aunt’s church, though, everything changed for Jeremiah. He gave his life to Christ. With the aid of family and church elders, he reconciled with his wife. Today, he lives peacefully with his family, who welcomed his other daughter with open arms. Expressing deep gratitude, he shares, “God’s Word completely transformed my life. My marriage is the most beautiful marriage I’ve ever seen. Since I came to faith, my wife and I have become best friends.” Now, he encourages other couples in troubled marriages.

Describing the changes in his work life, Jeremiah notes that he can care for his family since he keeps a steady job and no longer squanders his earnings on drugs and alcohol. He comments, “Since coming to faith, I’ve never been fired or found myself fighting with my co-workers. I now enjoy working well with others.”

Jeremiah’s faith is becoming fully rooted as he continues in Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study. He senses God’s call to reach people mired in addiction. Commenting on the effects of God’s Word on the community, he says, “People like me who were lost in the midst of the world have been totally transformed from irresponsible husbands into focused family men.”

He joyfully shares, “I give all glory to God for giving me a second chance. In whatever capacity I serve, I must remain humble like Paul and remember the condition Jesus saved me from.”