Mozambique mother with her childSaugineta is a 20-year-old single mother living in Mozambique’s Maputo Province. She earns a living by buying and reselling vegetables in her community. She talks about the loneliness of her life and missing her family. She explains, “My parents died when I was five or six years old. And then my aunt took care of me. She sent me to school, but I got pregnant and dropped out of school.”

During this COVID-19 crisis, her pastor came to her home and introduced her to Project Philip Bible studies. She says, “He encouraged me to gather some people who are close to me (because of the lockdown restrictions) for Bible study. I invited my two cousins and my stepbrother, and they accepted. After two months, we completed our Project Philip Bible study lessons and we received our own Bibles!”

Saugineta sees her pastor as a father figure. She reflects about how God used him to not only share the hope of God’s Word, but also to fill the void of the loss of her parents. She explains, “I discovered the love of a father in my pastor. The time he spent with us touched my heart. To be honest, his fatherly care encouraged me to carry on with the Bible studies. The Bible adds so much value in my life.”

She also recognizes how the power of the Holy Spirit transformed her life through the Word of God. She puts it this way, “The changes in my life are real. I was poor, but now I am rich. I had no family but now, I have my spiritual family. I did not know Jesus but now, I received and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I needed Jesus in my life. Thank you for such a powerful ministry. Thank you for supporting us and for sending people like my pastor to reach hopeless people like me.”