Bangladesh CropTea has a major share in the economy of Bangladesh. While the traders make big money, the plantation workers earn a meager salary under hard working conditions. According to a UN report, these workers are “exploited and marginalized.” One of them is a 35-year-old woman named Bharati. She and her husband and their two children live and work in a tea garden in the northeast part of the country.

“As a child, I was not able to go to school because I had to work in the tea garden,” Bharati says. “I want my children to have a proper education.”

As a result of their dire circumstances, many Bangladeshi tea workers are illiterate, which often leads to low self-esteem.

“I have never felt good about myself,” Bharati confesses. “There was no peace in my heart, and I had no purpose in life. Also, my children lacked the opportunity to learn to read and write. I saw no future for them, either.”

Things began to change for Bharati when Bible League introduced Bible-based Literacy in her town. “I was so glad to hear about the program,” she recalls. “Although it was a challenge to participate regularly, I was able to attend all the classes and finish the course. The literacy program has made a huge difference in my family. Now, I can teach my children to read and write.”

On top of that, the program brought her unexpected spiritual gain. “I used to have no idea about sin and salvation,” Bharati attests. “John 3:16 has helped me to receive a new life in Christ. I understand that Christ came into this world to redeem me from my sins. Before I accepted Christ, my life was not good at all. Now, there is joy in my family, and there is peace in my life.” Bharati is grateful that the literacy program showed her the way to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Bharati’s dream is to become a disciple of Jesus and lead others on the way of salvation. With her husband, she has joined a Bible study group. “I enjoy reading and discussing the Bible together with others,” she smiles. “I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you who have provided me with the materials for my education. The Bible-based Literacy program is a wonderful ministry!”