Zimbabwe CropTalent, a wise 12-year-old girl in Zimbabwe, lives with her maternal grandmother. Her mother died when Talent was just four years old, and her father remarried and lives with his new family.

She and her grandmother attend church together and pray as a family each night.

One Sunday, their pastor announced the start of a Project Philip Bible study in their church. “He explained how Bible League aims to spread the Word of God and encouraged us all to join the program since it catered to all age groups,” Talent says. She jumped at the opportunity!

Through Project Philip, Talent’s faith has grown. “I enjoy the Bible studies because they strengthen me and give me courage,” she shares. “Through reading God’s Word, I feel more of His love toward me, and I understand what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. After participating in Project Philip, I now read the Bible regularly.”

She’s also experienced an attitude shift through her time in the Word. “I was not a happy child, but since enrolling in the Bible study program, I am very optimistic,” she reveals. “I am a new person who knows God loves me all the time.”

Project Philip has also inspired Talent to talk about Jesus. “I have learned we should spread the Word of God to our friends and other people around us so that they would also repent and follow Jesus,” she says. “I used to be a shy and closed off child, but I can interact with others now.”

Talent is so grateful for the personal impact Bible League supporters like you have made on her life. “I would like to thank you for motivating us to study the Word of God and making the Bible studies available,” she says. “As a girl without a mother, I draw a lot of inspiration from the Bible. God willing, I would love to help Bible League spread the Gospel in my community.”