Nicaragua CropJamil loves history and dreams of becoming an archaeologist one day. But for now, the nine-year-old is enjoying learning more about Jesus at his school in Nicaragua. Jamil’s parents don’t go to church, “but my granny likes to go. She comes to my house to take me with her when she can,” he explains.

The young boy, his younger brother, and parents live in Nicaragua’s Guardabarranco neighborhood. Though, he doesn’t go to church very often with his granny, Jamil does have the opportunity to study God’s Word at school. He notes, “All students at my school must set aside a special time to study the Bible. At first, I didn’t want to do it.” Eventually, Jamil’s teacher changed his mind.

He says, “Thanks to my teacher, I have been getting involved. She has helped me to study Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study booklet for children. She constantly reminds me what I learned and how to put it into practice when I feel upset, frustrated, or uncomfortable.” His teacher also helped him to receive Jesus as his Savior when they were studying the booklet.

Though Jamil struggles with his temper, learning more about Jesus has helped him to become more peaceful. He continues to work on his anger and is growing in his faith. He explains, “My mom has seen my change, and I hope that this will help her see that Jesus can make a difference in anyone. It’s great that we as children have the material to help us know more about Jesus.”