Bradley Eliuth Lacayo Sandino Is 13 Years OldThirteen-year-old Bradley from Nicaragua experienced great loss in his life when his mother died six years ago. His heart has felt broken ever since that day. He explains, “Since my mother died, I only felt pain. I cried all the time. I was little, so I did not understand why that happened; I still do not understand why she had to die.” Unfortunately, Bradley’s dad has a drug problem and is in and out of the young teen’s life. So after his mom died, Bradley was left in the care of his grandparents.

But when he began attending a Bible League Project Philip Bible study at his school, Bradley’s heart slowly healed. Though he attended church over the years, he believes the Project Philip Bible study helped him to know Jesus in a more personal way.

Bradley notes, “Since my Christian education teacher gave me the Bible study booklet, it has allowed me to know Jesus better. It has also helped me vent to Jesus by praying and crying. Even though we have a Bible study at the school, I do best with it at home. When I read God’s Word alone, Jesus seems closer to me.”

Bradley sees a difference in his life since studying God’s Word at school and on his own. He is grateful for the Bible he received after finishing the Bible study booklet. Today, he has hope and healing. Bradley beams, “I am grateful because these Bible study booklets allow us to have a relationship with Jesus and vent all the pain we feel. I am in the process of healing the pain in my heart, and the Project Philip Bible study is helping me enormously.”