Nicaragua CropKiara had a difficult childhood. Her parents separated when she was two years old. Her mother remarried when she was four. “Carlos has been a father figure to me. But I do not call him dad as I’m close to my biological father,” she confesses. Kiara lives with her elder brother and two sisters in Nicaragua. They go to the same school and have a strong bond with each other.

“My family knows the Lord, but they do not go to church due to their work schedule. I came to know Jesus Christ through Bible League’s discipleship program that we have at school,” she says candidly.

“The Bible study booklets helped me to understand God’s plan for me. I have learned to pray and read the Bible. God has answered my prayers,” Kiara explains. During the recent political and economic unrest in the country, she recounts how God protected her mother as she worked through the night. “I have seen God protecting my mother.”

Kiara began going to church with her grandmother. “In the church, I did not have the opportunity to study God as we do at school. I will never forget the lesson that taught me that I am important to God. Through those studies, I started to read the Bible and pray when I wake up and before I sleep at night. Every day, I read the Bible, even if it is just one verse,” Kiara shares joyfully.

“Jesus is with me, and I feel His embrace in my life. My schoolteacher has helped me overcome my anxieties. Today, I invite my friends to study God’s Word through Project Philip because it is the path for us to change our lives,” Kiara says as she concludes her thoughts on the past and moves on to the future.

“I am excited about graduating from my studies because I want to go to medical school or become a veterinarian. Both of those options make me happy because I will be able to help people or animals.”

When asked about prayer requests, Kiara quickly replies. “Please, pray for my family and me to continue the Lord’s path. I do not want to be away from Jesus. He is the only one who can answer all my needs. Also, I want to thank God for helping me learn from these booklets. They help us to understand the message of God’s love.”